Why I Write About Scoliosis

When I tell people about having scoliosis, many question the validity, as if my condition isn’t really all that serious. If I go into all the gruesome details, I notice that many look at me differently than they did before. Some, in fact most, I think get confused about scoliosis and spinal fusion, because it’s not something I can really explain in a short conversation. So, I have found that sometimes it’s simply easier not to say too much about my scoliosis and instead, for me, it’s easier to write about it.

In all honesty, I am actually a super private person who doesn’t really like over-sharing. I know you would never guess that about me, because I put it all out there in The Curvy Spine. But I do it for two main reasons:

The first reason, and the most important, is that it’s a selfish escape. A way of processing everything that has happened and everything that is happening. Scoliosis as a condition binds me to a lifetime journey, and with it comes the physical and the emotional symptoms. For me, it’s much easier to express the emotional symptoms of my condition through writing. No one should be defined by the struggles they go through, but that does happen. I am many things, but I am not my condition. My writing is a form of expression. An outlet for the emotional symptoms that come with scoliosis, and for that reason, I write for myself.

The second reason I write about my condition is for my readers. I have people writing to me telling me their challenges, sharing their secrets, and asking me for advice. It’s the bond that we share as fellow people living with scoliosis that keeps me writing. It’s nice to know that my posts are being read, shared, liked, and used. It’s a humbling experience knowing that my writing is able to capture readers so much so that they feel the need to share their own stories with me. I look forward to the comments and the emails I receive.

The Curvy Spine is my platform to connect with others who live with the same struggles that I do daily. So, I write. I write for myself and I write for you.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write About Scoliosis

  1. Hi I’d just like to say I can really relate to what you are saying I had spinal fusion surgery and hate telling people about and even if I do they never under stand the pain that we go through daily

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